The Magical Mystical Rules (to being a good member of SDP).

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The Magical Mystical Rules (to being a good member of SDP).

Post  DragonofthePen on Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:34 pm

Hello and Welcome, to Supernatural Disney Project. I only have simple rules for my groups, and these are as follows:

1.) Please get your MEP parts in on time. This is crucial to making this project work.
2.) In the same vein, PLEASE be active. I know I haven't been lately myself, but I'm working on turning that around. Of course life gets in the way sometimes. Just let us know in advance, okay? Smile
3.) Please stick to the theme the MEP is looking for. Nobody wants to be an odd duck, right?
4.) No drama plz. If you have an issue, PM me (the admin) for assistance. Okay? Smile
5.) Just have fun. Feel free to suggest anything you like. This group is one for all walks of life, and all sorts of members.

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